Leftbook is a large group of Facebook members that inhabit facebook groups that promote social justice, memes, and leftist thought (proponents of socialism, communism, and marxist-leninism are all represented in these groups.) They often communicate through tagging other Leftbook groups with funny names, like "what if phones, but too much," "sounds like internalized misogyny but ok" and "thank mr banky."
What if Leftbook, but too much?
by stuckintraffic May 8, 2017
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Leftbook is a group of Facebook groups that are run by very left-wing admins and moderators. They are not united under one group of leaders, but rather under a general very left-wing ideology. They are especially known for advancing modern "social justice" causes and frequently banning users. This tends to create a toxic environment where people are constantly worried about being banned for expressing any view that offends anybody. The groups frequently require users to oppose capitalism, support modern feminism, defer to the opinion of any member of a minority group (even if other members of that group do not always agree), constantly apologize for their own privilege if they are white/male/straight, support Antifa, unquestioningly support the opinions of mods, etc. This basically shuts down any dissent because those people either get banned or are afraid to speak up. In order to avoid being banned, many members dogpile anyone else who comes under criticism as a way to virtue signal and build their own reputation.

These groups have come under fire from other leftists for being hostile, unintentionally being ableist because many autistic people struggle to navigate their byzantine social norms and get banned without being given an explanation for what "mistake" they made, being counter productive by pushing people away from the left, and of course for being authoritarian.
I was a member of a Leftbook group until they banned me for saying that we should not totally disregard the opinions of white men because of privilege.
by POTYAa September 2, 2018
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