Poker Term for where you keep your important money.
Also known as your bank roll.
From the movie 'Lucky You',
L. C. Cheever: I hear your left pocket is empty.

(For terms of the movie, it was his buy-in to the Main event.)
by CharlieVJ May 10, 2010
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A term used by hockey players mainly in Massachusetts that means puck slut so the girls don't know there talking about them. Originated because a couple hockey players had a piece of paper sticking out of their left pocket in their vest that read "Puck Sluts"
Eh man I think that tendy is making some big saves for those left pockets eh?
by EhnateEh September 7, 2016
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The act of secretly masturbating with your left hand in your left pocket, pocket launcher being an obvious term.

It works the same for right handed people but it does not have the same effect.
kid 1: hey man! that substitute teacher was soo hot!

kid 2: i know, i fired off a left-hand pocket launcher while everyone was silent reading.
by fenderbass7 September 21, 2009
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I’m lowkeyly mad geeked because I HAVE NOTING 💔💔
“Yo bro can you cover me”
Nah bro I got left pocket dog shit”
by itsalwaysme223 July 1, 2024
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