A Ghanain slang used to tell people to "leave" something or someone
by Ali.X September 6, 2017
lower east fucking side of new york city
i was in the LEFS today
by altern_ March 18, 2009
(n.) the alternate name of behind your knee.
My lef is really itchy, I need a twig to scratch it the right way.
by Livee and Marissa May 27, 2008
A leaf that is on the left
Thats a red lef.i love lefs.lefs are life
by Jessica_2468 April 20, 2022
Short for leave it... mainly Jamaican speak and probably the influencing of sarf London's equivalent 'low it'
Bred 'Dat my spliff?'
Bred&Bred 'Nah lef it, wait ur turn!'
by moi&dem January 16, 2007