Leeetuk is the oldest member and leader of Korean boy band Super Junior. He is part of sub groups Super Junior Happy and Super Junior T. He is one of the permanent DJ's for Super Junior's Kiss The Radio. He has also hosted many different TV programmes and radio shows. Leeteuk is born on July 1 1983 and his real name is Park Jung-su. His stage name (Leeteuk) means special. And he's pretty :D
Leeteuk sure is talented and has really great abs.
by harbilina99 November 11, 2011
The eldest in korean LEGENDARY boygroup Super Junior. Leeteuk is also one of the best leaders in the kpop industry and is part of SM Entertainment. He is an attention seeker and has the MC disease. He is protected and loved by ELF so be careful what you say about him.
Who’s one of the best leaders in the world? Leeteuk is one of the best.
by Kpop_4_life_xx February 2, 2019
Leeteuk means special. His real name is Park Jung Soo.
He's a leader of a Korean boy band, Super Junior. He's the best leader in the whole world. we love you, leader.
That Leeteuk is really amazing. He can take care of his members so well.
by choihyobin June 21, 2010
Leeteuk is a man who’s so handsome and sexy!! He makes me cry because he won’t be mine but his dog gets in way like share.
Person1: wow Leeteuk is so handsome,he must have lots of women and men after him.

Person2:yeah…so is his chest he got them mommy milkers

Person1: are you even listening to me
by Hello_eun May 24, 2022