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Super junior is that group everyone talks about regardless if it’s positive or negative they also have a tit bouncing milf in the group
Zac:who is super junior ? I heard that they make good music

Lily:super junior is that group that has that milf in the group what’s his name?, leeteuk I think
by Hello_eun May 21, 2022
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Heechul is the most safest idol out there ,he stands up for what is right but isn’t right that he looks good 24/7 like imagine waking up next to him dang..like this man is just a walking model like I could go on about this man but no
Max:wait wait what say that again?

May:I want heechul to snap my spine in half then punch me,and then rips out my eyeballs…he’s so hot I get flustered every time I think about him
by Hello_eun May 24, 2022
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Leeteuk is a man who’s so handsome and sexy!! He makes me cry because he won’t be mine but his dog gets in way like share.
Person1: wow Leeteuk is so handsome,he must have lots of women and men after him.

Person2:yeah…so is his chest he got them mommy milkers

Person1: are you even listening to me
by Hello_eun May 24, 2022
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The top three girls group are twice and red velvet joined with blackpink no one is taking their place NO ONE so keep crying you little shits
Person 1: oh someone can replace one of the top three girl groups

Person2: Yh no they’re queens no one is replacing them Never
by Hello_eun June 3, 2022
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