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Leemichael is a very important person. He's very kind and loving. He's worthy of everything. He deserves all the happiness in the world. He's loved by all his friends. He'll always have a place in everyone's heart, even if he thinks otherwise. P.s. Becka and Lexi love him very much
Becka: wow I love leemichael
Lexi: bitch we know
Becka: like sooooo much
by Lexi&becka February 24, 2019
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a hoe that uses girls just for sex or to kiss and make out and Leemichael has a VERY tiny penis, and he broke a girls heart that really did love him. i hope he goes to hell.
me: i hate leemichael

person: why?

me: he broke my heart:(
by alexisslambert September 26, 2017
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