Normaly found in a Computer Shop in Aviemore , Fixing and Clearing off all the crap on peoples computers and making them run like a dream.
Barry Lee Taylor is also found in Grantown on Spey where he Works for the Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service , and is often seen in or driving a fire engine .

He likes going out on the town and getting hammered on the badminton court !
Gods gift to the beautiful people out their barry lee taylor

Big shiny throbbing red thing fire engine

multipal spam and crap cleaner

and a
by baztex February 4, 2010
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Taylor-lee's, are peaceful and happy.
They are kind hearted with pure intentions. They are fun and playful, but can be deep and sensitive when needed.
Taylor-lee's are free-spirited and wild.
He/she cherishes his/her loved ones.
They bring the light to any darkness.
I was feeling mellow until Taylor-lee brightened my day.
by My name is a secret August 15, 2017
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A person with a small dick and no personality.
If u ever meet a taylor kill it pls.
Damn imma kill this taylor lee
by Takeituptheass69 October 5, 2019
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loves stoke games and doing the ice bucket challenge

pro engineering teacher and all round cool guy
damn who engineered that ice? oh yeah, it was lee taylor!
by finclews August 9, 2022
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