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The second high school built in Lee's Summit, Missouri. It is well-known for its shockingly high number of pregnant girls. Its rival is Lee's Summit High School. The football team really isn't that great, but the music (choir especially) and theatre departments are outstanding.
Person 1: "Dude, Megan got pregnant."
Person 2: "Which Megan?"
Person 1: "The one at Lee's Summit North."
Person 2: "....Well that's why..."
by roboticsheep January 02, 2011
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A popular high school in Lee's Summit, Missouri.
mostly consisting of jocks, sluts, potheads, douche bags and sceneie-weenies. Most of which, look like they try way too hard.
In other news, it's a decent school, although it smells like urine 24/7. The football team isn't that great, and the people can be assholes.
Their rival is Lee's Summit High School; the original one.
8th grader: "so, are you looking forward to being at Lee's Summit North next year??"
other 8th grader: "I dunno, i guess so..i hear Lee's Summit High School is waaaay better though."
8th grader: "yeah, probably, but I heard that there's a whole lotta cute scene boys there! ^_^"
other 8th grader: *facepalms, rolls eyes and walks away*
by doublefacepalmFTW January 05, 2011
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