A supposed enviornmental activist who it typical liberal hypocracy tells everyone else to ride their bike to cut down on pollution or to switch energy saving lightbulbs all the while they fly around in private jets and have houses with huge electric bills.
Al Gore proved himself to be a Lear Jet Liberal after his movie "An Inconvienent Truth" when it was discovered that he owns a private jet and his mansion in Tennessee uses as much energy in August alone as most other people do all year.
by cincyninja October 24, 2007
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Another Smear word created by the Far Right to demonize liberals. In the case of this baseless term, it is used to describe liberals as being hypicritical without looking at all the facts. If one was to dig deeper they would find that Liberals would jump at the chance to use a less polluting form of travel.
Since this a term created by Rush Limbaugh not all the facts where considered.
see Conservative Sucker Punch
Before you use a term like Lear Jet Liberal why don't you research all the facts and not make assumptions. Even though many Big politcal and enviromental advicates used private jets they would be the first to use a jet that did not use up so much fuel. The manufactures would make mopre fuel effishent jets.
by Bob_the_Patriot November 11, 2007
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