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1. A dance largely only associated with snap music. It consists of leaning to one side and snapping at the snap in the beat, then leaning to the other side and snapping on the beat. This dance is very infectious due to its simplicity and the fact that when a lot of people are doing it in unision it looks hot. Its also widely popular because it can be done to a multitude of different types of music, and the fact that it can be ad-libbed and still look hot.
2. A song by dem franchize boyz trying to capitalize on the popular dance. The group is hoping to monopolize an already existing phrase and claim it as theirs, similar to what Cash Money did with bling bling and stunna.
1. Thug 1: I really like that song "Laffy Taffy" cause its the only song that I actually know the dance to, I don't have to post up on the wall.
Thug 2: Yeah I know whats that dance called again?
Thug 1: Lean with it, rock with it

2. Yo, you know that new dance that dem franchize boyz made up? What, c'mon it has to be theirs they made a song by that name.
by Jide January 10, 2006
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to stay fly by rockin out and shoulder leanin to music, all kinds of music: rap, hardcore, metal you gotta rock with it
Bitch i gotta stay fly, i'm gonna lean with it, rock with it, with them franchize boys
by dj fefz June 26, 2006
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