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A Genus of Humanoids with murderous tendencies and an overwhelming tolerance for drugs. The defining characteristic of a LeBlue is the homicidal tendencies they employ when angry. If one values their life, one will never engage in an argument with a LeBlue where one can win. The current generation of LeBlues are the epitome of this. LeBlues tend to be vicious when crossed and uncompromising when they have something to gain. They are also very entrepreneurial and have been known to give Pablo Escobar a trouble in his day. WARNING: Approach at your own risk!
Tony: Did hear what happened to Carl when he met that chick?
Terrell: No what?
Tony: I don't know either; I am pretty sure she went LeBlue on him.
Terrell: We'll never see him again...
by ThePhoenixRising August 06, 2009
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