a great companion like a seelie in genshin le french can be found in its natural habitat on discord and anime kisa watching slime diaries
hello, Le French
by aatermis April 13, 2021
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A disgusting grimy little cheese-eating sister-sniffing rodent. Sleeps with demi-baguettes in his anus. 11 centimetre wide choad, used primarily against his sister to push her out of the race to the shower, but will let her in eventually, and make up. Can sniff cheese from up to a continent away. Also racist
Ugh I got a huge wedge of brie stuck in my anus, if only there was something to help me
Flying in from the sewers under Paris, Pajot le french is here
by Brodychoad November 13, 2020
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The original French Dip is a combination of the traditional Donkey Punch and Dirty Rodruigez. However as the French say, d'une torsion . . . with a twist. . .

As the man (or woman with a strap-on) is having anal intercourse with his partner (female or male), s/he lays into the unsuspecting recipient’s back of the head with one swift swipe with a baguette so his/her anal sphincter tightens making the orgasm all that more better (for all involved).

When the recipient of said baguette smack turns around, the “giver” of anal insertion slaps his/her phallus on his/her partner’s upper lip leaving a small fecal moustache-like stain similar to that of famed Frenchman/occupier of France, Adolph Hitler.
Hey Rachel, make sure you save an extra baguette for later, you've been telling me how much you've been craving a Le French Dip . . . it's delish . . . yum-o!!!
by Le Martini January 27, 2011
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A pretty chill dude who likes gaming. He is an otaku and loves anime characters who are very fast and use swords
He's very friendly and talkative
A: You should be more like Le French Captain Zack Senpai
B: I know
by M. C. squire May 24, 2021
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