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A condition that induces a severe lack of activity. Poor self motivation.

Made famous by the Madchester group Happy Mondays, on their "Bummed" EP.
It's 3pm and Charlie is still in bed, he's got lazyitis!

You haven't done the washing up properly, there's still gravy on this crockery! Why can't you do the washing up properly- have you got lazyitis again?
by Ancharlavy February 28, 2005
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One who has the ability to do something, but just doesn't for whatever reason. In some severe cases , a person with lazyitis may even starve to death do the being too lazy to prepare food for themselves . It is not contagious, but however people with lazyitis tend to hang together and usually while sitting in a dirty living room because their bedrooms are too dirty to be inhabited.
Zack suffers from lazyitis. Once he shit himself because he was too lazy to go to the restroom
by BigDawgEnterprises December 17, 2018
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