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The coolest chick ever. Always has something to say, always make people laugh. Better than what you find on
Everyone loves this Laynette and she is the sunshine of your day. No one ever wants to let her go. She is the center of attention and you love her. She will make you feel loved. She is a magnet and everyone else is the piece of metal. Consider yourself lucky to have found your Laynette. If youre a guy you'll want her, but never have her.
by ohheavensno July 18, 2010
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Laynette is one of the greatest people you will meet. If you happen to find a very rare person named Laynette you are very lucky to have found her. She is a lovely soul. She makes everyone feel better about themselves. You will always want her around. Dont ever let her go.
dude im in love with laynette, oh no way?! Im in love with laynette too!!!
by nobuenoedith July 17, 2010
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