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A playlist of songs that enhances sexy times.
1. "We scissored during The Weeknd, then Lil Jon started playing. It got me so pumped up! I finger banged her so hard that I'm wearing a wrist brace"

2. "He was trying to seduce me so he turned on K-Ci & JoJo's Greatest Hits...It would have worked if I was straight I admire a good laylist."

3. "She went down on me forever. I'm guessing around 2 hours, since my laylist played through after it restarted."
by KCupcake January 10, 2014
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A list of people you have already hooked up with, or a list of people you hope to hook up with in the future.
His laylist is so huge! Either he's lying about some of them, or he's the biggest player I know.

Barbie is totally going to get with Ken tonight! She told us all he's on her laylist and I can tell he digs her too.
by frindle1992 July 30, 2011
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