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Two Lesbians who kiss and love each other but are too afraid to have sex.
Lenny: I wonder how sexy it is when those two bang each other?

Squiggy: Naw, i can tell by the way she is looking at me. that they are nothing but a couple of Laverne and Shirley's

Lenny & Squiggy: Stooooooopid
by squigtoneloverfantasyboy January 14, 2010
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Used to describe any two young men (in their mid 20's) who live and work together, and ride the same crotch rocket to work. They are not infact men, and should you be approached to go to a BBQ at their house, DONT LOOK IN THE BATHROOM CLOSET!!!
Person 1: Seen BJ and Dave lately?
Person 2: You mean Laverne and Shirley?
Person 1: HAHA That's funny. Yeah, them.
Person 2: Yep. They rode by on their crotch rocket going to McDonalds.
by Kanzan27 September 24, 2006
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