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Laureta will be seen with bright blue eyes that change through out the day. She is a caring loving person. She knows and will treat a guy like a king. Never wants to lose him and always thinks if everything is ok. She's a type to get jealous and scared only because she is afraid to lose you. She's romantic and will be by your side and she is a girl that has real feelings and will know to make you smile even on your worst days. She'll will make you feel worth more then anything of what you can think. You will never want to lose by being on her side. She has lots of confidence and she will be found strong. She loves to laugh.She has lots of talent and a beautiful voice. You will spot her making others feel welcome as well as happy when they are down. Laureta is a shy type that will grow on and become open with friends. She has a gourgous body with soft lovely hair. She's smart and funny. She can be scrcartic and stubborn at the same time. Laureta is a understandingperson. She will always be there of you. Laureta is practically what you call perfect.
Laureta is the sweetest lady ever.
by Lilobill February 10, 2018
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