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Lauresa is one unique woman. She cares for her family more than anything, she’s athletic and her beauty is unmatchable! She's very smart and cares about her education a lot. She strives to live her life for god. She tries so hard to please others. She’s caring and compassionate! She is so ADORABLE at times when she makes her little faces or plays with her lip! :)

Lauresa is the girl you end up marrying; she brings more to the table then just being an amazing person. She has a good heart. And when you’re around her, everything else seems small, because she has this ability to make you feel like you’re flying! Constantly in a feeling of ecstasy! Lauresa is the girl you bring home to your parents. Lauresa will strengthen anyone’s life in a positive way! She is so beautiful ... When you look at her.. you end up forgetting how to breath or think.. She is the one that you have been searching for your whole life! She pulls you in with her smile and flirtatiousness! She has the softest skin in the world and her body is flawless! She is a Comedian!! She has HORRIBLE jokes!! yet they end up being hilarious anyways!!! Lauresa isn't perfect! but that is exactly what makes her so desirable! She’s just herself! and that is more precious than anything in the world!!

Lauresa isn't someone you meet every day

You will never find another woman like her..

So if you ever meet one!

Never let her out of your sight!

I know I don't plan too! :)
Thats Lauresa, the girl I've been telling you about.

Ohh my! Look at Lauresa! So Stunning!
by MrRomantic89 November 25, 2011
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