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When taking one too seriously; specifically in the wake of immature, ball-busting dialogue. Those suffering from this chronic disease are also typically infected with close-talkers syndrome. Alcohol exacerbates this chronic close-talking symptom associated with "Latzing".
Ryan Cratz: Hey, how you feeling?
Don Farrell: a little sore, I milazzoed my leg.

Ryan Cratz: ya know you need to immediatley ice and rest that up. Your long term health could be in jeopardy. Here, let me get you some ice, a pillow, and you should probably put sunscreen on that. I read an article in The NY Times that sunscreen is a new and proven preventative measure for pulled muscles. Plus the added benefit of never getting a tan will increase your iron production leading to a stimulation of muscle growth for rebounding muscle pulls.

Don Farrell: ok...thanks Ryan (signaling to a friend "I'm being")

Bony Bonato: laughing uncontrollably and pointing to his beer can...."you're on your own"

Don Farrell: (inner monalogue) who can I pull into this conversation to pass on the latzing to?? I never really milazzoed my leg and was just trying to bring back a funny post from BC. This idea has backfired and will now be know as "Scooting"
by LilJonnyScootScoots October 12, 2017
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