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A very intelligent person. Latoria's have a great sense of humor. They are very thoughtful, caring, and generous. Sometimes Latoria's can be clumsy. Latoria's don't put up with bull-shit! They love to laugh and will turn a gloomy day, sunny! Latoria's are destined to be famous.
Who is that lawyer? That's as hell, but really down to earth.
by serenity58 February 04, 2010
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The whitest black girl you will ever meet. I call her my oreo because of that. Her nickname is Tori. She has a very low self-esteem but she is gorgeous on the inside and outside. Her interests include tennis, hanging out with friends, and texting. She loves Big Time Rush, mostly Kendall Schmidt. Latoria wants to someday become an actress and I will support her fully in her decision. One day, when she's famous, I'll be standing there right by her side, glad that I chose to become the best friend of this perfect girl. Tori can sometimes get boy crazy, but a lot of people do. We're best friends and always will be, no matter what. All in all, Tori is beautiful, loving, caring and slightly crazy. I love her to death, and that will never change.
Person One: Did you meet Latoria?
Person Two: You mean Tori? Heck yeah I did! She's hilarious!
by Kyrachuu October 08, 2011
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