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Latent Gay. Someone who is transparently gay but believes himself to be straight. Spends all of his time shopping and drinking coffee with straight women who see him as a friend. Wears lots of salmon pink clothes. Inspite of being gay, talks constantly about which woman he'd like to fuck. Often overherd making very stupid, xenophobic/racist comments.
"Have you seen the tits on (generic female name) - she's a shag. BTW I'm going shopping"

"Hey, we could go to the bar, but I fancy a nice hot black coffee inside me"

"Oh, my, GOD! Did you see those two dykes just then, they were soooo ugly"

Latent Gay
by Super Keith McCann March 08, 2007
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A person whose sexual orientation is still "in the closet" and he or she is "late in" realizing that they are in fact GAY.
Kath:"Hey, I think John is totally sweet.But I'm not sure he's really INTO ME"

Jane:"No and he'll never be into you. He loves home decorating,arranging flowers,Broadway tunes and the boy hasn't tried to sleep with you in the six months you've been dating. He's great but not straight. He's a latent gay."
by Intelligentwmn February 28, 2009
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