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She’s a very pretty girl and she’s a girl that comes off as shy but will blow you away. She is a great friend and she can be trusted. She can also dance , and for some reason boys like to break her heart. She is REALLY nice but when you make her mad she will curse the fuck out of you ! She is goofy and likes to see people smile 🙂 , she has a nice body shape but likes to eat a lot . Her nickname is Teeee !
Mannn bruh , I need a “Latela” but in other words a need a “teee” ......
by Teee2002 April 22, 2018
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She is very pretty and boys for some reason always like to play with her emotions . She is very confident and cares nothing about what people think of her . She can be trusted and gives great advice . She is a very good friend and she is very nice but sometimes mean .
Omg , I need a latela .....
by Teee2002 December 26, 2017
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