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Latchman is another word for a boy that looks like a rat. A Latchman will always go out of his way to make you feel bad about yourself. He spreads an of rumors and usually is abusive and annoying. Especially, to girls. He has a crush on Asians because he feels as if no one else is good enough for him. Here's one thing to know about Latchman, he will hang out with nerds because he has no friends. Latchman's will play fortnite with his only friend. He is a loner and a scaredy cat. If he doesn't get anything that he wants, he will simply give up. He likes to write suicide poems and lovess to watch PEPPA PIG no matter how old he is. He is not a gentlemen. He hits girls. Just a warning, if you know of a person named Latchman, STAY AWAY!! He is a prick! If your name is Latchman, I feel bad for you. Good Luck :))
Your name is Latchman?? You must be veryy annoying
by sdgfhhgdx February 26, 2018
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