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Illness brought on by too little sleep, too little water, too much heat, and often too much alcohol. This illness occurs all too often in Las Vegas with so much to do and generally too little time to do everything one wants to do. The people affected with Las Vegas Syndrome often end up incoherent, uncounsious, and even dead.
A man goes on a 4 night 5 day vacation to Las Vegas. The temperature for 10 days has been over 100 degrees. He arrives after a 3 hours plane ride and immediately hits the strip, wandering from one casino to the next getting free drinks by gambling, stopping for drinks between casinos. Next thing he knows, the sun is coming up the next day. He eats breakfast until 8am and has plans to see a show at noon. He decides to take a quick nap and be out the door by 11. The same thing happens the next day, and the day after, only on day 4 at 3pm he ends up unconscious on the gound outside a casino. He has forgotten to drink water and the temperature had him sweating like a stuck pig. He gets picked up by the paramedics and spends his last night in Vegas in the hospital being rehydrated by IV. This is Las Vegas Syndrome, only for some it takes their life.
by TruBlonde3 October 26, 2008
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This is very common in Vegas, hence the name. This applies to cities pretty much. Here are the symptoms: 1. Most of the major or important attractions, clubs, restaurants and stores being placed in or near a casino and/or in one area, thus making the rest of the city very boring, 2. Culture, art and local scenes are irrelevant, 3. The city only paying attention to what will attract tourists and not giving a crap about what locals will do, and 4. Only one or two parts of the city will be interesting, with the rest being very dull, boring, and bland.

If you're living in a developing city and it has any of these symptoms, GET THE HELL OUT ASAP!!!!!
Las Vegas Syndrome example 1: Person 1: I want to try a new restaurant. Person 2: Cool, lets go to one of the casinos here.

Example 2: Person 1: I'm new to this town, so here are some things I want to know: Do you know a cool theater where I can find a local rock band? Or some street art? What about the local poetry bars?
Person 2: You've got to be kidding! (then he starts laughing his ass off)

Example 3: Person 1: The clubs and restaurants here are so expensive.
Person 2: They're for tourists, DUH!
Person 1: What's for the locals then?
Person 2: The best restaurants in town I can afford are my grandma's house and Mickey D's.

Example 4: Person 1: Just about all the shit to do here is over in that part of town. There isn't shit to do elsewhere.
Person 2: I know, for real.

Person 1: This city straight up sucks.

by Philip Cunningham February 09, 2007
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