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A Person or persons who scav off of the state and think that their only real success in life is by multiplying, thus producing lots of little larkeys.

The lesser spotted or true larkey is one that will only appear when their giro comes through the door and are only seen going down to the nearest corner shop, or Offy, and buying copious amounts of chips and burgers to feed them and their ill-mannered fledgling.

Sometimes seen with their distant cousin the Chav they often refer to themselves as a right geezer or try to and mostly fail to use proper East End slang to cover for some inferiority complex.

Namely a lack of education.

To find a Larkey you should listen out for their infamous call to their young, normally involving words no longer than 2 to 3 syllables the young’s name and an explosive of expletives.

A Larkey will always look up to a Chav and think that they will one-day reach that high accolade.
An example of finding out a Larkey can be done by following this simple test:

Their dog passes wind and they claim it,
their wedding, which is a rare event and if anyone has footage please send it in, was held in a delivery room,
their bathroom deodoriser is a box of matches and they think Paprika is a third world country.
by The-Twitching-Peanut May 31, 2005
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