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While you are diving there are roads where you have more than enough space to swerve without crossing the opposing lane. Having roads like this creates the feeling of relief that your car will not be too close to even hitting the one next to you. Lanism is the opposite. Lanism is the unexplained feeling when you are driving and then all of a sudden your lane gets really narrow, and you are panicking. This is the sense when you are scared enough of driving this narrow lane and you put both hands on the wheel, look around your surroundings, constantly look at your speed limit to see that you aren't going to fast, and constantly check either side to make sure you don't hit something nearby. When driving, there is this fear growing inside of you, you start to get nervous, and you just forget to breathe for a second. When it all ends, and your lane is the same size, a violent shudder starts coming in filling you up with chicken skin, but at the end, you are relieved that it finally ended.
The driver suffered from the lanism, eyes pelled open in fear, when driving in the narrow lane.
by xvulcxnx January 28, 2018
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