A large ball of teeth that works with its buddies to eat the world of yesterday to make room for today. They are also rumoured to eat lazy little boys.
From the Steven King film 'The Langoliers'
by Conway79 February 10, 2004
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Small demon-like creatures with fast legs that eat up the lazy people "who don't get the big picture".

Large levitating ball-shaped demons with leech-like chainsaw-teeth that eat up the world of yesterday.

Fictional creatures created by Stephen King.


Children and puppies who are teething and not yet potty-trained.
Craig Toomey always feared the Langoliers
by Crave-Case March 28, 2008
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1) Spherical creatures with bottomless throats and a voracious appetite, the eponymous entities of the first novella in the Stephen King quartet Four Past Midnight.

The world of life and consciousness is forever passing down the stream of time, and the uninhabited, chemically inert world left behind - inadvertently visited by sleeping passengers on a plane that flies through a time rift - awaits being carved up by the jaws of what one character refers to as the timekeepers of eternity, but which might more accurately be described as the blow-fly larvae of the space-time continuum. From a distance, the sound of their munching is somewhat like the sound of radio static ... and that is as close as you want to get. As another character, Craig Toomey, envisions them, these creatures are purpose personified; in the horror stories he heard as a child from his insanely pushy father he was told how their sole purpose is to chase down all the lazy people who are not working frantically enough and eat them alive.

2) Referred to when something urgently needs doing, like a college essay due in the morning.
But the sound-wave rolled on toward them - the crunching, smacking, eating sound of the langoliers. (Four Past Midnight, p. 233).

Gotta go. Thesis to finish by next week. Langoliers.
by Fearman September 15, 2007
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