A landlord-friendly term for ‘landlord’. ‘Landchad’ is a portmanteau of ’landlord’ and ‘Chad’, and is frequently used by the pro-landlord community.

A typical Landchad is obscenely wealthy from all the rent and 25 % tips he collects from his tenants; ridiculously muscular from all the single mothers he evicts on a regular basis; harshly critical of his tenants’ frivolous consumerist purchases of funkopops, craft beers, Star Wars merch, Reddit awards and video games (mainly because it renders them unable to tip the Landchad his typical 25%); and an ardent advocate for the rights and interest of PoL (People of Land).
I couldn’t afford to tip my beloved Landchad his typical 25 % this month, so I paved his driveway instead!
by enterprise1701 October 13, 2020
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