A mindless liberal automoton who claps and barks like a seal in response to pabulum spewed by like-minded talking heads. A land seal thinks that Bill Maher is witty and irreverent when sharing such comedic brilliance as "Bush is stupid" or "the pope is a nazi." Land seals think that the more vigorously they clap and laugh to such inane commentary, the smarter they appear. Land seals universally want Jon Stewart inside them.
Bill Maher moved his show out to LA from NYC; there were more land seals out there.
by Drew13 September 05, 2008
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A lazy piece of shit who is hungover and requests food as they are out of there natural environment and cant move so they need nourishment.
Natalie is such a land seal she asked me to deliver her a bagel today!
by Jumanjinegro March 07, 2017
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