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The term when a married couple is cheating on each other with the same person. The term lamm is when a married couple are consentualy cheating on each other. However, the level of ratchet increases when the person they are cheating on happens to be the same lover.

*: a specific type of marriage (not to be confused with an open relationship, where cheating is, mostly, mutually consentual and often the couples involved are in common-law or civil marriages) where the partners are, legally speaking, fully married, and are neither legally separated nor divorced, and still cheat on each other. Since this is not an open relationship, it can only happen when one or both partners are ignorant of the fact that they are, or may be, cheating on each other.
"She is in love with Laquisha, and so is her husband. They are having a Lammquisha."
by Lammquishafied April 28, 2014
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