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On December 1, 1975, history was made – history which would have a positive impact on the Latino community and our nation; history which would forever change the collegiate Greek system, more specifically, the entity known as a fraternity. On December 1, 1975, Lambda Theta Phi was founded on the campus of Kean College in Union, New Jersey.

In 1975, there were no Latino fraternities in existence in the United States. Lambda’s founders, as men of vision, realized there was a need to unite the Latino students, develop their leadership skills, impart upon them the value of an education, and instill in them a commitment to their community and culture. This newest addition to the Greek system would be the first in the nation, by identity and by name: Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Incorporated. Academic Excellence – Brotherhood – Leadership – Latino Unity -Service.
Lambda Theta Phi was born to promote the spirit of brotherhood, to protect the rights of Latino students in his/her quest for an education, to promote the rich Latino culture, and to maximize leadership potentials to provide guidance to our community.

"En la Union Esta La Fuerza"
by LaUnion February 20, 2010
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