LakeView is the set that's between 19th/Junipero Serra and Ocean Ave, bordered off by Brotherhood Way. That's another one of the ghetto 'hoods in the Sco, along with Sunnydale, Fillmoe, Mission, Potrero Hill, 'n Hunter's Point.

The main strip of LV is Randolph aka the Dolph. Niggas like Cellski, Cougnut, Baldhead Rick came up outta this set.
"he said let's ride, and get up out the 'View, because in the 'View there really ain't nothin' to do."

"off to the 'O', see some hoes befo we hit the freeway, five deep in the five ask where we stay"

"I said baby I'm from the Lunatic Village, in Frisco where the gold thangs keep spinnin', ya got niggas from Fillmoe and Hunter's Point, who quick to smoke that ass like a joint."

by CaliAgents1688 October 8, 2005
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A ghetto in south west Frisco. Technically called Oceanview. 10 years ago had the highest crime rates in the city, higher than even Fillmoe, HP and Sunnydale. Home of Rappers (Young) Cellski and UNLV.
Dem Sunnydale niggaz got funk wit them Lakeview heads
by Hyphy_Crunk_Pumped_Amped August 28, 2005
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A hood in Southern San Francisco. populated mostly by asians and african-americans, some latinos, and very few whites . The main strip, the 'dolph, is known for its crak dealers, baseheads, and working class folks patiently awaiting the M-line. Crimes like armed robbery with a handgun, sale of base-rock, and the occasional drive by make the area one of the more crime riddled in the 'Sco. Local rappers Cellski, UNLV, and Bald Head Rick have ties to the area. Some cats in surrounding areas consider their hood lakeview also. the hood also has a bit of history to it, a nice library, and a community center scheduled to be rebuilt. one of the areas parks has a view of the ocean, d.c. (daily city), and ocean ave area.
"where you stay?" "im in da L.V. baby."
lakeview, thowin 'em up like whaaaaa!
"im in lakeview, but there ain't no lake, and there ain't no view."
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when you do something at lakeview academy and you dont want everyone to know, but they find out the next day even if its not humanly possible.
I didn't want everyone to know so i didnt tell a soul, but somehow alex turnage was talking about it the next day.
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a good school with average sports teams with an evil princeable that puts the bad students that skip class in the catacombs beneath the school and hunts them for sport.
damn lakeview has some crazy people at lakeview highschool
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Lakeview highschool means a bunch of black kids in one group because it's mostly white kids there EVERYONE has a IPhone they have a bomb threat like every other month and there basketball team is 106% trash
by Xhdba June 28, 2017
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A school where the nerds rule. Girls are few and far in between. Say goodbye to social life, say hello to Robotics Club. What used to be a warehouse, is now your school for the next four years. You're lucky if you're classroom has walls that reach all the way to the ceiling. A rumor spreads, and by the next day, everyone knows. Pot smoking surprisingly enough is quite common among the people who attend here, although no-one likes to admit it. Lakeview also lacks a view of what can be barely called a lake that is across the street.
"Do you go to Lakeview Tech Academy?"

by its a line ___________ May 26, 2010
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