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An awesome School were everything that could ever happen, WILL happen. Events like 6 hour lockdowns (with SWAT), School-wide food fights, seniors streaking in the halls, Football state championships... 5 times in a row (along with many other sports), teachers having sex with students, many parties, drugs, booze, ssex, and drama.

And as of early 2012, LT high school has a newly developed website called, "LTgossip" ltgossip(dot)com, where even more entertaining drama occurs.

Although the students of LT are ridiculously awesome, the parents are worse than any other school in Texas. They will do ANYTHING to get you in trouble... They feed on it. Whether it's calling other parents, snitching on what their kids have done, calling the cops on a hidden party in the back of spicewood, or starting a whole organization called "Don't Serve Teens Task Force", where they talk about who the bad kids are and always try to find away to screw any student over for partying.
"Yo, should we invite Michael and Sydney to the party?" - Person 1

"Bro, I'm not sure, aren't they total faggots?" - Person 2

"Nahh, man. They're the shit, they go to Lake Travis!" - Person 1

"OHH, aighty man, fosho invite them... Just make sure their god-damn parents don't come..." - Person 2
by Chyaaaa February 18, 2012
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very wealthy surburban area with rich kids who like to party and brag about their four football championships. everyone's parents are alcoholics, students die from drugs and alcohol at least once a month, teachers drink and sleep with students, and that drug dealer from a ridiculously wealthy family killed two UT students. Why go away to school when you can live in your parents guest house, go out on the lake every day, and party every night.
bill: jenna acts like she expects everything to be done for her
me: well yeah, she's from lake travis
by zetababy July 22, 2011
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