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Laiba is a very unique name. it is an Arabic word which means "the beautifullest hoor of heaven". Hoor is another Arabic word meaning the fair maidens of the heaven above
"Hi whats your name"
"Laiba. Its pronounced Lie bah"
by slicedwitchcraft May 21, 2013
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A princess, caring and playful. The best person to be friends with, try not to loose her
by Saalihah June 20, 2018
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Laiba is a very unique name. Laiba has all the boys behind her and also has a great smile. She is a girl that will cheer up anyone and also is fun to hang out with. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl.
Laiba : Let me help you pick up your book
You : thank you
by Laiba December 19, 2014
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The Hottest Bitch in the world! She has all the BOYS behind her and crushing on her! Don’t annoy her cuz she will easily make you cry. Laiba is the HOTTEST girl who has boys crushing on her.
I’m so Laiba
by Abcd8381 April 26, 2019
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The fucking hot ass bitch stealing your man aye. Ass like nicki it not fake tho. And she probably has a best friend named tamia or some shit.
"Aye I liked Bianca, but Laiba just keep calling me. You know what I'm saying?"
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laiba is one of the most sadistic, pessimistic beings in existence. she epitomises, "looks like a cinnamon roll, could murder you." you do not want to get on her bad side. but beneath this psychopathic mask of a sort, is this precious baby girl you'd wanna snuggle up with and smother in affection. and then make elaborate plans on killing sprees and mass genocide, but you get the general idea.

you will mostly find her in some dark corner, reading a book or spamming memes to someone. try not disturbing her, you'll get stabbed.
"don't you absolutely ship laiba and abhigyan?"
"fucking totally, mate"
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by rad dad 666 September 27, 2018
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A girl who talks about being depressed as a joke but rlly she has a horriable life she gets verbally and physically abused but her friends don’t know that cause she is very good at hiding it with makeup her fav things to do to get rid of a conversation is hip it she doesn’t like discussing her personal life she will be there for u but doesn’t want u to be there for her she is strong and phsycotix it is very hard to love her but when she finally lets u in u feel ur whole world turn upside down and u love it u find another reason to live Laiba is a great best friend but an even better girlfriend she is great at loving and caring for u but she may not always be free to hang out but the truth is she is in so much pain she can’t move to c u even if she wanted to and she’s in so much pain she can’t cover the bruises with makeup but just because she can’t hang doesn’t mean she doesn’t love u a Laiba is complicated so u need to take time with her to prove to her that u will stay that u won’t just be another heart break
Yo did u see how much makeup was on Laiba’s arm and when I touched it she flinched
by Lippy_13 March 30, 2019
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