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Lagoonin is an action, a process, a way of life, and a philosophy. Lagoonin involves finding a Lagoon and laying on the edge of it with your friends staring at the universe. You can also be in the water while doing this. It involves discussing deep life issues, sociopolitical issues, philosophy, etc. However, it can also include relaxed conversation. The breeze is very relaxing and comforting. Lagoonin is an art and if done properly can be at the height of the human experience. Lagoonin is also a form of chillin since it is very relaxing even though it can consist of serious conversation. Lagoonin provides a great view of the open ocean. Lagoonin is related to Roofin, Beachin, Fanfin, Cruifin, and Cuzzin. The study of Lagoonin is known as Lagooninology.
Guy 1: Yo did you hear about that crystal lagoon they're opening up?!

Guy 2: YEEEAAAA!!! YEEEEEAAA!!! Its 6 acres! we WILL be in there!

Guy 1: Yo we'll be Lagoonin.

Guy 3: Lagoonin...oh shoot!!!

Girl 1: YEEEAA!!!
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by Daytony500fan March 06, 2017
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