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Lagooninology is an art form and a science. It is the study of Lagoons and all the factors that relate or contribute to an optimal Lagoonin experience. An individual must take classes at an accredited Lagooninology institution in order to obtain expertise in Lagooninology. The size and shape of the Lagoon must always be taken into account when determining a possible location for Lagoonin. The weather as well as the temperature of the water and the air must also always be updated. The depth of the Lagoon is also vital to understand. The direction and speed of the wind is also essential to understand when determining a Lagooninology rating. It is the inalienable right of every Lagooner to have an optimal Lagoonin experience.
Guy 1: Yo lets check the Lagooninology reports before choosing the right Lagoon for Lagoonin.

Guy 2: Yo lets hit up that Crystal Lagoon!! It got good ratings from Lagooninology. And its over 6 acres!!

Guy 3: YEEEAAA!!!

Girl 1: We out here! We Lagoonin!
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by Daytony500fan March 06, 2017
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