Lærke is a Danish feminine first name meaning "lark."1It was ranked as the fourth most popular name for baby girls born in Denmark in 2009, rising from 10th place in 2008.2
Lærke was first invented as a name by poet Sigfred Pedersen who named his firstborn Lærke in 1946 in Denmark. The name has been in use since that time in Denmark.
Look at that lovely woman. What a Laerke!

Funny - Lark
by Aerkle May 20, 2010
Laerke/Lærke is the most amazing person you will ever meet. Never let go of a Lærke, she's one of a kind, and if u ever think about letting her go, you might as well be a huge ass dickhead. Lærke is kind and carrying, and very loving. She will most likely always be there for you.
"You're so lucky you have a Laerke. Wish I had one too."
by nonexisting28 May 23, 2018