The true and righteous father of the retractable river rafting ladder. The laddy daddy bangs out retractable raft ladders quicker than a speeding bullet, and more precisely than a skilled marksman. If you want to run the Grand Canyon in the most ruthless of conditions, the laddy daddy will make sure you have a proper ladder to get you back in the boat if you take a swim.
After rick navigated the class 5 rapids spectacularly, he made the slightest miscalculation and ended up gasping for air with his boat overturned and disaster in sight. Out of nowhere, the laddy daddy appeared and guided rick back to his boat, where his retractable 3-rung ladder was waiting to guide him safely back into his raft.
by Laddy Daddy May 24, 2021
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Handsome and desirable (in their opinion) fathers who frequent the 'to be seen in' coffee houses on Saturday mornings, accompanied by little people they barely recognise. Laddy Daddys just occassionally glance up from the sports pages long enough to ensure that their brood stop short of actually assaulting anyone, but on the whole regard their children simply as a lure for liaisons with passing females who find perky, branded infants irresistable.
Starbucks was a zoo that morning. Stuffed full of Laddy Daddys and their designer entourage.
by Definition Di October 3, 2008
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