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La Toya Jackson is an African-American pop, soul, and dance singer, and the older sibling of music superstars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Known for her scandals throughout the late 80's and early 90's, and her re-emergence as a key supporter in the child molestation trial of brother Michael. She has released a total of 10 albums in her over 25-year music career; however, her highest charting single was "Heart Don't Lie", which peaked at #56.
Maria is a huge La Toya Jackson fan.
by Robert Koehler October 23, 2006
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LaToya Jackson is the world famous singing icon, brother & sister of lesser known singers Michael, Janet & Rebbie. LaToya has survived 25 years in the business and is still going strong when she releases her 11th album "Startin' Over" in 2005. (Hopely)
LaToya is very popular with the Kylie Minogue fans and is even more popular at the Kylie Minogue fan board "" some say even more than Kylie herself! Kylie is even a fan herself.
Sayhey Queen Who Lacks Taste: Oh no not LaToya!
Toy Soldier (LaToya fans nickname for themselves): LaToya rocks!!
Sayhey with music taste: Yes I have to agree.
by Toy Soldier July 30, 2005
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