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La Tale is an online MMORPG Developed by Actoz Soft and published by OGP (Online Gaming Planet). The Game was released in Northern america when OGP Signed a deal with Actoz for a north american version. The current NA version is still Beta.

The classes in La Tale are Warrior, Knight, Mage, and Explorer.


Warriors have average stamina levels and exceed in strength. Their speed is also average, and their maximum SP levels as well. This class is recommended if you prefer Offense.


The Knight is a class that specializes in maximum health. They're able to survive massive damage, providing a good Tanker character. A Tanker can also be referred to as a Meatshield. It's when a character distracts a boss or enemy and takes all the damage while the offense sneaks in and kills the enemy while it's attacking the tanker. Knights also have Average strength and SP levels.


Mages have low health, and extremely high SP. (For example, a lvl 70 mage has health equivalent to a lvl 49 knight) However, of course, mages are very powerful and have healing powers (if your mage is water element.). These supplements make mages a necessity when fighting very powerful entities.


Explorers are an all around, fairly good class. Average health and SP, and good attack power. Explorers also have great speed and backflip and other aero-dynamic capabilities. They can also do things other classes can't (like unlock treasure chests).

2nd Job advancements-----------------------

All classes have a 2nd job advancement they can become when they reach level 80.

Warriors can become Bladers, or Warlords.

Knights become Templars, or Guardians.

Mages become Bards, or Wizards.

Explorers become Treasure hunters, or Gunslingers.

Class weapons------------------------------


Warrior: Two Handed Sword, Spear, Knuckles.

Knight: One Handed Sword, Mace, Knuckles.

Mages: Staff, Dagger & shield, Knuckles

Explorer: Dagger, Bow, Crossbow, Knuckles.


La Tale has not yet reached a high level of popularity, as it only launched in late 2008.

If you were considering to sign up for La Tale, I really hope this helped. Thank you for reading...
That Person: Dude what the fuck is la tale, that sounds like shit. Play Maple!

That other person: Maplestory can go fuck its face-hole through its ass. Go La Tale.
by imafirinmahlazer May 04, 2009
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