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" Did you see that smoking hot bitch"?
"Which one"?
"What do you mean which one you tard, the one that was dancing in that LRD".
by SnoopDgSuuuuuuup January 02, 2017
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Lion Raping Dreams.

A dream that you may have of a lion raping you.
Hey Dani dreampt of a lion raping her again. ^___^
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LR'd. When your wife passes out drunk, you rape her ass from behind.
Fuko says to Hank "Dude, last night my wife passed out from a bottle of liquor, so I decided to tap that ass! Can I go to jail?" Hank's reply "No stupid Fuko!! that's what you rape." (LR'D)
by hankthemole April 25, 2011
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Little Red Doctor:

Can of coke. Give yourself a sugar boost when hungover, startin' the recovery.
Need to get ma' LRD bro!
by Pizza Lolly March 11, 2011
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