When two or more people indulge in expressing their love for each other in such way that it never ends. It is the ultimate expression of deep, true love and respect for each other, usually manifested by an outburst of love expressions that make all involved feel warm, acknowledged and cared for.
We love each other so much its a lovefest!
Everyone saying to each other "I love you," that was a total lovefest!
by MissyPort May 17, 2010
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Jamie: (crying) Awww, that scene where Frodo, Sam, Pippen, and Merry are all hugging and sobbing and sad, because Frodo's leaving the Shire, awww, that just sets me off. I cry every time! (sniffles)
Alex: Oh, I know, it's such a hobbit lovefest.
by MynameisAbrahamLincoln June 18, 2011
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When a mexican corners his lady-companion against a urban brick wall, steel subway railing or in the corner of a 24 hour deli and proceeds to make out with her as she pretends to resist.
Smouha:"hey look over there salameh!"
Salameh: "oh my god, look against that wall"!
Smouha: "holy shit is he forcing her to make out?"
Salameh: "yea. total mexican lovefest"
by Mr. Hoboski July 12, 2008
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The culmination of a series of spreadsheets that contain absolutely useless data that required a multitude of hours and days to compile. The time spent can be considered a incremental loss of precious time in your life.
I wasted four days on that fucking spreadsheet lovefest!
by Johnny Revenge February 20, 2009
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