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Love is what i have in my heart for you

Overpowering all bad things in my world is the good i get from yours

Vibrant is what our love is about ... alive with passion

Extra special is how you make me feel

Ass is what i call you lol

Gratitude is what i have for having met you

Everything is what i want to experience with you, no matter what it is, it'll be new and loving
that is what Loveage is all about
by Dpcx Alpha Male August 27, 2009
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Typical To Saying Love Ya Etc But A 'Cuter' Version, Normaly Used Between Close Friends,Can Be Used By SceneKids Basicly Means I Give Yu My Love/Love You.
Text/Msn Conversation:<CoolGirl101> I Gtg I'll Talk You Tomorow x x
<SuperChick99> Yeah Same, Loveage x x

by LovageDefiner April 24, 2007
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It is the usage of love. Not loving, but loveage. You could use it to end a note.
"I love you."
"Loveage back"

by Rawanda March 13, 2008
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When you love someone as a friend rather than a boyfriend/girlfriend/family. Usually said when ending a conversation or used as an alternative to goodbye.
by woopwoopwoop September 07, 2008
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When you feel so loved that you make your partner feel loved as well
by Loveage December 14, 2018
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