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The use of LOL via email/SMS/Facebook/Twitter etc all the time no matter if it's in context or not - So serious that the user doesn't even know they use it.
All these show LOL Syndrome -

Facebook status - Joe is having a drink LOL

Email - How are you? LOL

SMS - I'm not too bad, had a car accident LOL

Twitter - Why are there so many adverts LOL
by Giffer2 December 11, 2009
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When someone types 'lol' too many times in a conversation, they are then diagnosed with 'lol-syndrome'.
'Dude, you got lol-syndrome.'
by TheBirdWithBlueEyes September 18, 2011
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the ability to take away the seriousness of ANY text conversation by adding lol, lmao, rotfl, etc.
Prime Examples of LOL Syndrome

ex 1- "da doc called...i mite have pancreatic cancer lol"

ex 2- "omg my bffl nd my bf have been seein each other bhinf my back lmao"
by Naaads93 April 07, 2009
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