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the result of opening one's mouth wide and simultaneously throwing up an L on either side with fingers to form the letters "LOL"
Nerdy Neil: lulz XBOX 360 is clearly inferior to the PS3...*slips and falls on his poor arse*

Asshole Asif: *makes LOL face*

awe-struck observers: ASSHOLE ASIF STRIKES AGAIN!!!
by orkoporkodorko December 11, 2009
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used when wanting to tell someone they're ugly, but in a polite sort of way. Literally means "i am laughing at your face".
by soffitta April 20, 2007
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Verb: To constantly flirt, and or send sexual messages through texting.
Guy 1: Yo, why is she over there giggling like that?

Guy 2: She's "Lol smiley Facing" with Joe...
by D.O.Tin October 10, 2009
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"lol at your face"
"laughing out loud at your face"

Term used by scenesters mostly.
X_________BangbangCUNT says: Man, i really wanna dye my hair neon green.
cutMYwristsANDletMEdie// says: LOL@YR FACE!
by blehblah June 2, 2006
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A face expressing all emotions, both negative and positive, everything, and nothing.
Not to be confused with Renaissance Locke
tinas boyfriend decided to run a marathon
tina replied LOL John Locke Face
by Thezachylanproject May 5, 2010
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