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LMAOSMK is the chat/text lingo for Laughing My Ass Off Slapping/Smacking My Knees. This is normally used when a simple LMAO just doesn't fit the occasion. LMAOSMK can be used on occasions that someone falls, someone tells a really good joke that you haven't heard before, it can also be used for those moments that you laugh until you can't breathe and the slapping/smacking of the knees actually reminds you to take a breath in before you pass the fuck out.
D: Knock. Knock.

M: Who's there?

D: Interrupting Cow

M: Interrupting Cow wh

D: (interupts) Moo!

M: LMAOSMK! You are so stupid!
by Sweet_Melissa79 December 05, 2012
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