Live long and prosper, made popular by Spocko in his fight with KSFO, a right wing radio station in the CA Bay Area that promoted violence and death to those who disagreed with them.
Also, of course, the vulcan good wish from star trek.
Melanie Morgan's hate speech must be accepted or disavowed by her advertisers. LLAP
by Cgolden39 January 27, 2007
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LIVE LONG AND PROSPER -------- Just like the shocker...but if the girl is a real freak you put your ring finger and your pinky in her ass and your middle finger and pointer in her pussy.....hence you make the LLAP hand formation like Spok did.
I was giving this bitch a shocker but it wasn't enough so I gave her the LLAP.
by necroach April 25, 2010
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