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An acronym for the phrase 'Lying In Bed Laughing'.

Derivatives include 'lol' and 'rofl'.

The most frequent time for this phrase to be used is when hungover with friends, laughing about the previous night's antics. Usually in this situation the participants are too rough to be in any position other than vertical.

Whilst not vital to using the phrase, beds are commonly involved. However, users may also exclaim 'LIBL!' while slouched on other items of furniture.

Popular in Yorkshire but spreading towards the Midlands at considerable speed.
"Ohhh man, I can't believe you soccer punched that rabid dog last night LIBL LIBL maaan I'm proper LIBLing my socks off."

"Girrrl I just saw you LIBL"
by teabaggersanonymous October 23, 2012
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An acronym for ''lying in bed laughing''

Just like Rofl or Sicl but its used while lying in bed...
Thats so funny, Libl! :'D
by STFUktb November 17, 2011
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