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L. Lesbian. Female like female.
G. Gay. Male like male
B. Bisexual. Male or female like both male and female.
T. Transgender. Male that feels like female and vice versa.
T. Transsexual. Male that got a sex change to a female and vice versa.
Q. Queer. Insult for gay people.
Q. Questioning. What are they?
I. Intersex. Both parts, mutated. EWW!
A. Asexual. Feels no attraction. Don"t know why its here, it's the opposite.
A. Allies. Honorary term for straight people that support this.
P. Pansexual. Likes Everybody. Also likes bread, Pan-American Airlines, Peter Pan. Etc.

Note, Both "A"s should not technically be there.
Person 1: "The Male and female bathrooms don't work for me, because I'm LGBTTQQIAAP."

Person 2: "Shut up and go take a piss!"
by Smileysimle July 11, 2016
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Defenition without blatant mocking by other submissions:

L- Lesbian, a woman who is attracted to other women (generally used in regards to cisgender women)

G- The Overall term for same-sex attraction however specifically applies to a man attracted to another man.

B- Bisexual, an individual attracted to others of their own sex and also to the opposite sex

T- Transgender, an individual who identifies as the opposite sex

T- Transexual, an individual who identifies as the opposite sex and has the procedure to change their genitals

Q-Queer, self-affirming overall term for the LGBTTQIAAP community. Derogatory in some contexts.

Q- Questioning, an individual who is still figuring out who they are attracted to and/or what gender they identify as

I- Intersex, an individual who has any combinations of either biological reproductive systems e.g. gonads, chromosomes, genitals etc

A- Asexual, someone who does not feel sexually attracted to anyone

A- Ally, generally a straight, cisgender person who supports the LGBTTQQIAAP community

P- Pansexual, sexually attracted to anyone of any gender or sexual orientation
Person 1: "I think the open discussion about the LGBTTQQIAAP community will help to create a more understanding and accepting society"
by mcca6991 August 04, 2017
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lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual
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by September 25, 2018
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