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L- Lesbian, a woman who is attracted to other women (generally used in regards to cisgender women)

G- The Overall term for same-sex attraction however specifically applies to a man attracted to another man.

B- Bisexual, an individual attracted to others of their own sex and also to the opposite sex

T- Transgender, an individual who identifies as the opposite sex

T- Transexual, an individual who identifies as the opposite sex and has the procedure to change their genitals

Q-Queer, self-affirming overall term for the LGBTTQIAAP community. Derogatory in some contexts.

Q- Questioning, an individual who is still figuring out who they are attracted to and/or what gender they identify as

I- Intersex, an individual who has any combinations of either biological reproductive systems e.g. gonads, chromosomes, genitals etc

A- Asexual, someone who does not feel sexually attracted to anyone

A- Ally, generally a straight, cisgender person who supports the LGBTTQQIAAP community

P- Pansexual, sexually attracted to anyone of any gender or sexual orientation
Person 1: "I think the open discussion about the LGBTTQQIAAP community will help to create a more understanding and accepting society"
by mcca6991 August 1, 2017
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